Our History

In 1984, after several years of experience in the PVC extrusion industry, and predicting an interesting future for plastic recycling, Juan J. Larrosa bets on setting up a small company dedicated to the recovery of PVC mainly, as well as other plastics, from post-industrial waste.

Work Philosophy

Our work philosophy is based on:

  • The continuous search for the best quality in the materials we receive. Starting from the base that the best ally for a correct recycling is the SEPARATION IN ORIGIN.
  • Promote the recycling of PVC waste, seeking solutions and applications for virtually any industrial waste of this material, thereby contributing to the improvement of our environment.
  • Spirit of mutual trust with our collaborators.
  • Commitment to our SUPPLIERS, to always remove their waste at any time of year, valuing their waste as best as possible.
  • To make our experience available to our CUSTOMERS, collaborating with them when choosing the ideal recycled material for each production.

Waste Managers

Waste management is an activity that apart from improving the environment allows us to develop an economic activity, generating employment, etc... To be able to exercise it correctly, we are waste managers and we are authorised by the Conselleria de Medio Ambiente nº 069 / V / RNP / CV.

Shredding line

For the crushing we have a special line formed by a feeding belt with metal detector tunnel, a 75CV shredder from where it goes to the extraction belt of the shredder to go next to the mill. By means of the aspiration it is sent directly to the big bag.


On request, we can manufacture recycled, homogeneous and properly filtered pellets from our shredded products.

Shredding to maquila

We offer the service of working to maquila for our clients, taking charge of collecting the materials to recycle for finally after all the process we return the product prepared for a new use.

Purchase / Sale of PVC

PVC is the main raw material on which we develop all our activity. We know the needs that the market demands on this product and we offer you the possibility to buy your PVC waste.

Import / Export

Our company has been present in the European market for more than 25 years, being a reference of quality in the sector.